Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Write me a letter ....

I miss him. A lot. But this absence has made me really look at the two of us as individuals. I'm really focusing on who we are separately. It's amazing how much you learn about someone when the physicalities of relationship are stripped away. My trek down memory lane [via old love letters] has uncovered new truths about who we were and who we are. It has shone light on our relationship even back when we were mere babies. Those letters remind me that our love was real and true even then. And they highlight how much more real and true our love is now. PB is the only man I've ever felt like I could truly be the real me around. And he even makes me a bit sappy [blech!]. 

Today [the day of love] I'm loving those old letters!

Here are a few interesting tidbits I gleaned from the writings of our 14 & 17 year old alter egos ...

  • PB seriously thought about tattooing my initials on his body. [I am BEYOND thankful that he didn't]
  • PB & I both have ALWAYS loved the beach [I'm pretty sure I knew this ...]
  • PB told a few little white lies in his teenage years to make me think he was bigger & badder than he really is. It's actually kind of sweet to know that he thought so highly of my opinion of him. However I'm super grateful that he's brutally honest nowadays. Screw what anyone [even me] thinks!
  • My favorite lie [from the 17 year old alter ego] was "Of course I'm still a virgin" [I don't even think my 14 year old alter ego bought that one ....]
  • We both truly believed that we could weather 6 years on love alone. And while that would have been wonderful, I'm glad we didn't. Our time apart really shaped us into the people we are today. I wouldn't change a thing about the journey we've taken. God knew right where we needed to be.
  • PB could have given Shakespeare a run for his money ... No joke.
  • PB's 17 year old alter ego was a bit of a manwhore. Every letter includes at least one other girl's name. Hmmmm ... good thing my 14 year old alter ego was totally cool with sharing [That's a fact. Seriously, it cracks me up nowadays. I'm definitely NOT cool with sharing as an a adult, and in our letters nowadays the only girls mentioned other than me are our sisters.]

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