Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spooks & Kooks - Our Halloween

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Halloween starts early at my house ....

* It starts with the overseas carepackages ....
Usually through AdoptaPlatoon :)
(I suck at remembering to take pictures so all my prettiness comes from Pinterest ...)
*Next comes a complete overhaul of my house and Joyce's office ...
Halloween Headquarters are a must!!!

^^^ I need a cool wreath now that I have a front door :)

* Then comes the pumpkin ... Twelve & I will make a super mess in the backyard carving one of those babies.

* Of course there will be costumes (and a party!) ...

 ^^^ How cool is that costume?!?! I want to do that :)

* And no holiday is complete without treats ...

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

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  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new Follower :)

    All those Halloween goodies look soo yummy! My favorite time of the year. Love the wreath too. Can't wait to start decorating :)

    -Holly @