Thursday, September 8, 2011

Did you say pumpkins?

Oooh yay! Today is "It's Ok Thursday"! This may be my new favorite day :)

Its Ok Thursdays

IT'S OK ....

... to eat a whole bag of mellocreme pumpkins just because they're only available in the fall.

.... to love Derek Hough like crazy horses (why is he not on my celeb freebie list?!?!)

... to not care in the least who the "Stars" are on Dancing with the Stars because "Fluffy" (aka Derek) is back this season!

... to have a living room floor FULL of empty boxes.

... to beg everyone in my office for a quarter to fuel my need for chocolate early in the morning.

... to not paint your nails [even when the polish is completely chipping away]

... to pin tons of wedding-y things even before the BF pops the question.

... to be a little freaked out about how AT&T plans on actually hooking up your internet without coming to the house ...

... to HATE the customer service at AT&T

... to write down anything and everything that comes to my head so that PB can feel like he's right here living life with me ...

... to put off all work related phone calls until after lunch 

... to bask in my supervisor's rare good mood!

... to walk a mile in heels just to have lunch with two of my favorite women :)

... to want a new siggy but to be too lazy to actually make one ...

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  1. Walking a mile in hooker heels!? That's one hell of a mission! :)