About Me

My name for the purposes of this blog is Babygirl.
I've chosen to keep my real name out of this blog so that I have the freedom to be real without offending the people I love the most (apparently most of them DON'T want to be talked about online ... who knew!)

The Main Characters in My Story:

Babygirl: That's me! I'm a 24 year old Southern brunette. I'm still a bit of a crazy child. Admittedly, I am a contradiction of independence and immaturity. Born & raised in the sticks, my high school friends are all married with a couple of chitlins (Southern for kids), but life has dealt me a different hand. I'm happy as a clam with my sweet man. I'm a reformed commitmentphobe and a crazy Georgia Bulldog fan. I love good food, late nights, and the Lord Jesus Christ (obviously not in that order. Christ is always first!).

Pretty Boy [PB]: My better half. He's a 26 year old good ol' boy. (Another Southern term. Meaning hardworking, church-going, tobacco-dipping, rough & tough man) He's honest as the day is long and was blessed with the looks of a male model (Yes, I'd be jealous if I were anyone other than me ;]) He has an immature streak that pisses me off (part of being a boy and all ....) and his idea of cleaning is a joke. He's the strongest man I know, a mountain dew addict, and a loving,caring brother/son/uncle.

Our Story: Go here to read the Cliff Notes version.