Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For the love of Pinterest ....

Today I'm loving Pinterest!

It's a delightful way to feel productive while wasting time. And I get tons of random inspiration. Having said that I'm going to share a few of the pins I'm loving today. I'll be linking up with Krystina and Michelle!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love Don't Run .... But I Sometimes Lag

Life Update: I've hit the lag. The place where I debate whether PB cares as much as I do. The place where my communication peters off in hopes that he will begin to initiate communication. PB is currently in a situation where his communication is limited. And I am admittedly a bit needy. [PB would laugh his butt off if he read that. I used to complain incessantly about clingy/needy people. My, how the tables have turned!] And of course since I am in the middle of packing up my whole life and moving away from everything that is safe & "normal" I have boxed up all our pictures and letters and such ... which means that I have only my sad little brain to remember the good times. Can anybody tell that I have had ZERO ounces of caffeine today and that I didn't get enough sleep? My mother taught me a long time ago that life looks better when you're well-rested. Apparently without sleep, caffeine and PB, I get a little melodramatic.

Mood - Melodramatic. 
Life - Not as bad as it seems. 
Love - As strong as ever.  
Overall - 
I am blessed. However, I would be ecstatic if PB would communicate more often.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Memory Lane - A Place to Visit, Not Live

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Today I seem to keep traipsing down Memory Lane. And since today I'm aligning myself with Carissa for Miscellany Monday, I thought I would bring you along for this journey.

[1] Wall Ball - Being a girl (though not necessarily of the girly sort) I was never allowed to play wall ball, but the boys at the church where my grandaddy preached and I attended during the summers played religiously [no pun intended]. I'm really not sure that there were ever any rules. Think a whole bunch of teenage boys (PB included) slinging tennis balls as hard as they possibly could at a brick wall and then attempting to catch them again. I believe if you didn't catch your ball you lost. Honestly, though, I'm not even sure that rule was enforced. It's silly now to think that I so wanted to be a part of such a stupid game.

[2] The Tin Can - The name I unceremoniously gave to PB's last place of residence. Now albeit this little abode was on the more recent end of Memory Lane, but it now resides there just the same. The Tin Can is a camper that is at least as old as me if not older. And I have apparently fallen in love with it. My best memories in the Tin Can include winter nights cuddled up on the couch, eating steak in the dark on one plate with no utensils due to many technical difficulties, summer evenings lying on the bed with the window open just letting the breeze blow over us while we chatted aimlessly, countless movie nights, especially watching Love & Other Drugs while attempting to lie very still on the folded out couch [apparently the couch was no longer bolted to the floor so it would tip over like a seesaw], and the stereo that could wake the dead 5 miles down the road.

[3] The First Time PB Kissed Me [or I Kissed Him, you decide] - PB & I were friends in high school. I do believe he dated ALL my friends [He swears he didn't, of course]. And while we had started talking and passing letters, I really don't think PB was prepared for the 14 year old flirt that I was. One day he walked me to the bus and being the smooth ladies man that he thought he was, he leaned in for a quick peck on the lips. Being the 14 year old flirt, I laid a heckuva kiss on him. You should have seen the look on his face. To this day I remember that kiss. We've shared many since then [including one that knocked the motorcycle over & a New Year's kiss], but that first one holds a very special place in my heart.

[4] The Day My Grandaddy Moved from Washington [GA] to Ogelthorpe - PB says this is the first time we met. I beg to differ, but regardless I remember that day well. It was raining [leave it to my crazy family to try to move in the rain!]. PB was helping lift boxes into the trailer. The actual details of WHY he was helping my family have become fuzzy over the years, but regardless he was there. And he filled my dreams for weeks. PB has always been model material and as a young teenager I was a bit infatuated [ssshhhhh don't tell anybody but I might still be]. Watching him lift heavy boxes of books with his wet clothes sticking to his muscular body. Blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Yup, I was a goner. Was it really "love" at first sight? No, probably not. But boy howdy you better believe I went all valley girl and squealed, stammered and threw in a few "like likes" when I told all my chicas how "HOT" this guy was :)

[5] Freshman Year of High School - Not necessarily my prettiest memories. I tend to remember the worst. The kid who was crying out for attention in ways that I was too young to understand. Looking back I wish I could have seen it. I wish I could have stopped the events that followed. The girl who I had shunned in middle school because she didn't fit our cliche dynamic. The knife incident in the brick hallway. Mornings in the brick hallway. The band room. The drummer who might have thought he was a vampire and who I eventually dated. [See? I was into vampires before it was cool to be into vampires ;)] PDA's galore! Boyfriend swapping between best friends. A million notes passed. On again - off again relationships. [I smile now watching my teens switch relationship partners daily (or hourly)]. Tenth grade was exceedingly darker than ninth. My freshman year was a good mix of love, friendship, teenage angst, stupidity, heartbreak, anger, and meanness. Did anyone absolutely love their freshman year of high school?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Early Mornings: Awesome or Awful?

I got to see PB today! And by "see" I totally mean video chat. What a wonderful invention! Rolling my butt out of bed at bloody 8:00 AM was so worth it just to hear his voice. And now he has a calling card. So he's going to try to call me next week. You better believe I'm going to be on pins and needles. I'm already flipping out that I might miss his call. He told me today that it was all gonna be ok. And while that is very likely a flat out lie, it makes me feel so much better. I feel like it might ACTUALLY be okay. I'm penning this quickly since I have kids to pick up and then it'll be off to church. The beginning of a super busy day [or week]. But I can't imagine a week starting off better than spending time with God and chatting with PB. Hope y'all's [pronounced "y'all-ses" if you're not from around here] weeks start off just as wonderfully!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

One More is Never Enough ....

Tonight I'm packing up my life and getting ready to move.
Another new beginning. There seem to be a lot of those lately ...
I'm too tired to actually write a full post.
So, I thought I'd leave you with the song that's been playing in my head all weekend.
I have tons of stories to tell, but they will all wait until tomorrow.
Right now, the boxes are calling my name.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Countdowns, Commitment, & Carrying On

I can't bring myself to countdown just yet. I have a few more questions for PB before we start the official countdown. I'm preparing myself for the fact that it will be an awful number. Think larger than 500.

Today, for the first time since I've known PB, I let myself think about a real wedding. Today was our welcome back lunch (I'm not sure why we're welcoming back people who never left, but that is another story for another time.) at work. And as we set around the table, the talk turned to weddings and flowers. And I thought [a] I don't want tons of flowers. Think bouquets/boutonnieres only. And [b] HM [PB's mom] is a florist! Ding dang if I ain't a lucky girl!

I quit dreaming of weddings before I met PB. When I called off my engagement with T [my ex], I had already decided that I wasn't cut out for marriage and lifelong commitment. I've always told PB that I wasn't the marrying kind but maybe, just maybe, I am.

Now let's kick off this weekend right! Go visit Hilary and join in the fun!

1. I don’t remember what kind of cologne PB wears. It's a silly little thing that hit me today. I also suck at remembering what I ate for breakfast, what I wore yesterday, any anniversary, and all the conversations I had in elementary school.
2. I love a cool summer evening lying on the bed in the tin can just killing time.
3. When I lose socks in the dryer, I think another one bites the dust :) And also "Great .... I'll have to buy more socks soon"
4. My favorite snack to eat while watching t.v. is moose tracks ice cream straight from the container!

Now, peeps, my supervisor just gave me a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, so I'm about to scram! Hope you all have a super fantastic weekend :)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

I can say "Thank You". Can you?

Two weeks & a day. I realize I should be counting the other way. I should be counting the days left until he comes home, but it's still too new to me. My pessimistic nature hasn't gotten over the shock of being on my own just yet. Life has been moving fast these past two weeks. I think I always feel this way when PB is away from me. Life seems to fly around me at warp speed. And since I have a bad habit of moping, this fast paced life is good for me. Keeps me from getting all down in the mouth. Another thing that is good for me is gratitude.
So, I'm going to make a list of things that I'm a thankful for today.

Today, I'm thankful for communication. Be it digital, written, verbal, etc. I'm thankful that the good Lord gave us the ability to transfer ideas, thoughts, emotions, and just general information.

I'm thankful for photography. There are moments in life when the photographs of your memories are the sweetest things. My brain fails me at times so having photos that captured those moments helps to remind me and essentially brighten my day.

I'm thankful for good food and good friends. I've been blessed to be able to eat dinner with my parents three nights this week. I've had a lunch date with a friend/former co-worker, and tomorrow I will have lunch on the grounds with my current co-workers. Overall, it's been a week of good meals with good conversations.

I'm thankful for new starts. There is a very good possibility that I will be moving into a new place at the beginning of the month. I'm beyond excited and a little bit apprehensive. Overall, I'm very grateful for this opportunity to become a more independent version of myself.

And I'm thankful for PB. Whether he is right beside me or light years away, he is the other half of my team [the better half] and the love of my life. I'm so thankful that the Lord blessed me with him. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I got a letter!!! Thank you, Mr. Mailbox :)

Today is a letter day! Those are my favorites :) I'll share the letter on here soon enough, but for today I'm just basking in the love radiating from the black ink on those pages. Did I mention that I love letters?

Today I'm loving these words more than anything:

"Eres mi sol después de la lluvia
Eres mi sol cuando el día empieza
Eres mi luna en el ciclo oscuro
Y siempre recuerda te amo para el resto de mi vida"

In English: You are my sun after the rain
You are my sun as the day begins
You are my moon in the dark cycle [aka night]
And always remember I love you for the rest of my life.

The Spanish language has meant a lot to PB and I over the years. We both butcher it horribly [I'm so sorry, true Spanish speakers!], but it's kind of our language of love. I'm pretty sure there will be Spanish words engraved in our wedding bands. So, I think the thing I'm loving the most today would be the Spanish language! And it's uber significance in our relationship.

This is the idea, but obviously we would use different words.

I'm  linking this post up with Krystina for the first time. Head over there and share what you love!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A new season is almost upon us ..

Top Ten {Tuesday}

My Top Ten Favorite Things About Fall

{1} Cooler weather
{2} Smaller electric bills
{3} Clothes that don't involve quite so much shaving ....
{4} The kids are back in school!
{5} Students, students, students (we have a love/hate relationship)
{6} FOOTBALL!!!!
{7} Trips to Tennessee 
{8} Pretty Leaves
{9} Decorations (Here come the holidays!)
{10} BOOTS!!!

I just KEEP running across cool link parties! Hit up Amanda to join the one above and Lolo to share your Pins .... I'm all about some Pinterest!

Crazy About My Baybah

Busy Mom's Tips Tuesday Blog Hop


Confession: I'm a Mailbox Stalker.

There. I said it. I stalk my mailbox. Daily.

I mentioned yesterday (I do believe) that I love old fashioned love letters. And every day I want my mailbox to spit one out at me.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

So I may be the girl who chases down the mailman and practically tackles him to find out if there is a letter.

Source: None via CindyBeLove on Pinterest

I'm a word lover. And PB is an excellent writer. His cursive script is beautiful, but it's the words that betray his true heart and emotions that I love the most. I love that letters are a permanent piece of our relationship that we can pass on to another generation (or not). I just think letters are beautiful .....