Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Ok!

Its Ok Thursdays 
IT'S OK ...
- to love my boyfriend but be thankful for the time apart.
- to hate going to wedding/baby showers as a single woman.
- to drive 20 miles out of the way to watch DWTS live on Monday nights instead of on Hulu on Tuesdays ;)
- to not want the traditional "life plan" that all my friends want [marriage, babies, happily ever after ...]
- to not refill the candy jar EVERY time my co-workers empty it.
- dance around like a 2 year old every time my mailbox spits out a letter from PB.
- to inform PB that I will wear heels at our wedding even if that makes me taller than him ...
- to spend at least a dollar a day in the vending machine downstairs .. [Yes, Mr. Budget, I know that's not really ok.]
- to be totally embarrassed in an adult toy shop ...
- to hate that Blogger just ate my original post!
- to not wash dishes for a week because I walk in the door in time to go to bed every night.
- to be SUPER excited to be really baking for the first time in my new house.
- to rely solely on Twelve's football knowledge to make my weekly picks in our college football pool.
- to not have won said pool ... ONCE!!!
- to question Twelve's football knowledge.
- to want a pair of kickbutt red heels more than ANYTHING. 

- to miss PB dearly.
- to LOVE this link up!!

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