Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Ok :)

I found this linkup through Jenn @ Going the Distance, and I do believe I'm going to love it.
I also believe you would love it too, so go link up!

IT'S OK .....

.... that I might turn into a total stereotypical girl whenever there is a frog or bug involved. [Think: screaming and jumping on furniture]

..... to have REALLY, REALLY bad days.

.... to rant [occasionally].

..... to hate the statement "well at least your life isn't as bad as _______" By golly I know that and in general I try to be a very compassionate, upbeat person. Can't you just let me be miserable for a little while ....
.... to seem like a complete negative nancy in your blog (No? Not so ok? Oops!)

.... to splurge on important things (like internet).

.... to eat cake for breakfast (or lunch).
.... to miss him ....

1 comment:

  1. I am a total girl when it comes to bugs too, yuck! I hate when people try to make me feel bad for having a bad day too, it's okay to be down sometimes! Also, cake for breakfast is amazeballs! Thanks for linking up :)