Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Travel/Road-trips/Vacations

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

My sister lives in Tennessee so I spend a good deal of my Fall trekking to the mountains.
In two short weeks, I'm headed to Knoxville for the GA/Tenn game.

Then I'll be in Jefferson City/Dandridge, TN to spend a little time with my hardworking/student teaching sibling.

A porch view from our April trip :)

A side view. Imagine how beautiful this will be with the leaves changing colors!

The rainbow we were lucky enough to catch during an April shower.

The cabin we stay at. This picture does NOT do it justice.

My grandparents on the front porch. Isn't this adorable?!?

I do believe, however, that after that I will try to be a homebody until December ... what? I said TRY.


  1. Yay! UGA! Have fun at the game! Wish I was going!

  2. I feel relaxed just looking at those photos - just STUNNING!!! I hope you have a great vacation! Xoxo