Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Wreath on Tuesday

I don't know if this happens to the REST of the world, but for me the Tuesday that follows a marvelous Monday always SUCKS! Today started off not so happy with a call from my insurance adjustor. She was apparently none to happy that I had not had the shop release my car to the salvage peeps. After figuring out HOW to release it, I promptly called and took care of that. Thankfully, from that point, the day has gradually become better. I'm still having title issues, but hopefully by Thursday I'll have a check waiting at my insurance agent's office. And I'm taking a day off work on Thursday to car shop in hopes of finding the perfect car by Monday when my rental runs out. So cross your fingers, pray hard, and send me links to any cheap cars in the North GA area ....

 Oh on a somewhat happy note, I remembered to take a (somewhat crappy) picture of my wreath!!

Three things you were probably quick enough to notice all on your own.
  1. I haven't managed to have time to HANG the wreath yet ...
  2. I didn't QUITE have enough ornaments to make it a full out circle.
  3. The lighting in my living room is downright awful!
I promise that when I finally get it hung there will be MUCH better pics for y'all to enjoy.
I totally got this wreath idea from Pinterest. I love it when I actually COMPLETE a Pinterest project!
This one was super simple. I took a wire coat hanger and bent it into a circle shape. Then I untwisted the part that was twisted together and proceeded to string ornaments straight onto the coat hanger I used 52 ornaments but the hanger would have easily held 60+. Simple and Lovely!
The first new Christmas decorations for my new home :)

Now I have to find the PERFECT Christmas ornament for PB and I.
It's a bit of a tradition. Hmmmm ... anyone know of a place to find super cute personalized ornaments?

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