Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011: Month by Month

This week is all about looking back on 2011 in anticipation of the beginning of 2012.
And today, we'll take a walk through each month.

January - The Beginning of Part II of our love story. I was given a second chance at a lifetime of happiness with PB. A month filled with snow and love.

February - The best Valentine's day ever. I was totally spoiled by PB. I got to give my 14 days of love gifts. And my sweet man surprised me with roses and jewelry and pretty words. And that, my friends, is one of the MANY reasons I love that man.

March - PB turned 26. He got reintroduced to my parents. That really didn't go so well. However, the birthday celebration wasn't all that bad. Over all it was a month of ups and downs that involved a lot of nights spent curled up in the tin can talking over anything and everything.

April - I turned 24. And Chica entered the picture. Needless to say, this was not actually a great month for me. It was a month of struggles for me. A rollercoaster month.

May - The month of Chica. After this post we will no longer talk about her. Because she is officially a part of our past. But this was the month in which I realized my identity is in Christ. I became a stronger me and a happier me. I started a new job and realized that my dream of moving out of my parents' house could soon become a reality.

 June - And because I was given two months of heartache to grow into a stronger, more sure version of myself, PB and I reconciled on June 23. We started a relationship that was based mainly on friendship. A relationship that moved slowly as we both rebuilt trust. A relationship that is now strong enough to walk through any fire. The kind of love and trust that penetrated steel and concrete.

 July- A month of what seemed to be amazing opportunities. PB got a new job. I settled into my job. And we both grew closer and closer. Communication lines were open. Money was in the bank. And life seemed to be on the up and up.

August - And then it all fell apart. The job fell apart. And PB left. And it was time for me to pick up the pieces. I spent a month working harder than I had ever worked before. A month of accepting facts, mourning the separation, and growing in my relationship with Christ.

September - I moved into my new house! And started life on my own. There were bad nights. But there were also phone calls from PB. And letters and good times. There were nights spent with good friends and smiles and laughter.

October - My first Halloween in my new house. I loved handing out candy to Trick or Treaters. It was the first time I had ever had Trick or Treaters. Highlight of my month. I forget the highlights of the PB saga that were associated with this month. I just know that I was enjoying time spent with Twelve. I had friends, family, church, my own home, and constant (sorta) communication with PB. Contentment was the word of the month.

November - Thanksgiving. A rough holiday for me. However, this year we managed to have a completely drama free family gathering. It was amazing and certainly noteworthy. PB moved around. Twelve moved to South Carolina. And the month of December loomed in front of me.

December - With Twelve in SC, I made new friends [Kid & CC]. I wrecked my car. And then managed to buy a new one in less than two weeks. I took the new car on a trip to TN. My little sister graduated from college. I managed to plan a blowout party for her. Christmas slipped up on me way too fast. And I learned that sibling planned on moving back to TN if the opportunity arose. I made my peace with that.

This year was beyond eventful and these are just a few of the MANY things that happened this year. It was a fantastic year, and I'm thankful for every minute of it. Even the rough parts.  Here's hoping that 2012 is just as wonderful! Or maybe even more so. [Hey, a girl can hope right?!?!]

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