Monday, December 5, 2011

A Few Pins on a Marvelous Monday

This weekend I made a wreath
All by myself!
I surely did :)
I was so frickin' proud of myself.
And I was stoked that I'd have something super exciting to tell this morning ...
And then I totally forgot to take a picture of it :(
Tomorrow, there will be a picture and a post on that ding dang wreath!

But today, I'll have to ramble on about something else.
PB and I got into a bit of fight this weekend.
I admit to being a bit mad, so I don't really want to talk about him.
I don't want to post something I will later regret.
On a happier note, I'm having a very good Monday.
It's 11:00 AM, and I'm still floating in the air from a kickbutt weekend!
Ah I love this time of year. It's crazy and super hectic, but it's downright lovely.

Since in a moment of stupidity I forgot to snap and upload photos, I'm resorting to Pinterest.
Because Pinterest makes great Mondays EVEN better!
So, check out these super awesome Pinterest finds ...

^^^ Yum! I want some!

Source: via Erica on Pinterest

^^ I would need more than one of these.

^^^ I need to learn to make this ... IMMEDIATELY!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

^^ Adorable.

^^^ I want globe snowmen!!!

^^^ Now that is a yummy Christmas party :)

Have a wonderful Monday, y'all!

[Christmas siggie coming soon!!! Hey, I might even revamp the whole blog look .... We'll see.]

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