Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Post & A Letter

I turned on my Pandora this morning to get in the Christmas spirit.
And quickly found that all these Christmasy songs send me on a trip down Memory Lane.
This time last year PB and I were just beginning to get reacquainted.
I was floating on Cloud 9. His number was on speed dial, and I called him AT LEAST once a day.
We talked about anything and everything. We spent many a evening in the snow (in Georgia!).
It was magical.

Looking back, that's the only way I can explain it.
Some days I think it was all just an illusion.
Modern Day Magic.

I know it all really happened, but it seems so very far away from now.
This year I'm sitting at a new desk watching the rain fall outside my window.
And I realized today that I am very alone. 

My solution to pushy family members is just to stop telling them things.
Now my brain is full of things, and there is no one to tell.

Today I'm struggling with a family issue involving a washer/dryer.
It's one of the things a year ago I would have talked to PB about.
He would know the answer or would at least be able to talk me through until I came up with a logical answer.
I'm spoiled rotten, but no one else seems to get me like PB.

This makes me super lucky! And a little lonely.
Okay, more than a little ...

Dear PB,

Christmas is here! And I am struggling to celebrate. I know that the true meaning of Christmas is worth celebrating no matter what situation I am in and am actively attempting to celebrate Christ this Christmas. However, the emphasis of family and love at Christmas and the memories I have of last Christmas make it hard for me to be away from you at this time of year. I miss you more today than I have in awhile. So much so that I found myself talking out loud to the sky this morning. Thankfully, campus is nearly deserted so only a few people think I'm nuts. LOL or more aptly put only a few people know the truth ;) Anyways, baby, I know I'm going off the depressing end, so let me just say that I miss you super bunches and that I hope you have a Merry Christmas. And I kinda hope that every Christmas song you hear (hymns not included) reminds you of me.

I love you,

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