Monday, December 26, 2011

The Power of a Song: Music of 2011

These are my musical dedications.
It's time for a week of reflecting on 2011.
Saying my goodbyes and preparing for a brand new year.

Today I'm posting about the songs that made this year special.
Beware, my sappy alter ego may come out as most of these are dedicated to PB.

^^^ This was the first song of the year that made me think of PB. I wasn't sure that love could last over the span of 10 years apart. And all I knew was that our New Years Kiss definitely felt good on my lips.

^^^ When we first heard this song, PB & I both agreed that it fit us to a T. Our first kiss went a little something like this :)

^^^ PB dedicated this song to me early on this year. Song lyrics are kind of our love language.

^^^ And then one night PB broke out the big guns. He sang this song to me while I was sitting on the bed in the tin can. I cried my eyes out.

^^^ That same night he looked into my eyes and said this next song is our song. And he was right. He sang this to me as he wrapped his arms around me. And I couldn't help but think this is our story.

^^^ There were many a day that I sang this song nonstop. I was slaving away at a fulltime job wishing I was home with PB.

^^^ The first time I heard this song I thought of PB. It makes me cry even now. I can't explain it. It's just beautiful.

^^^ During the good times in our relationship, my music taste was fun and lovey dovey. This one was perfect for that. And I really was PB's shotgun girl. And loved every minute of it.

^^^ I put this song on PB's Valentine CD, but it wasn't until after he was gone that I felt the full impact of this song. I now sing it at the top of my lungs when I'm in the car. Change green eyes to blue eyes and this is us.

^^^ This one doesn't really have a super meaningful significance. I just fell in love with it.

^^^ During the rougher parts of our relationship, this song was pretty much my mantra.

^^^ When PB decided to explore what he thought was greener pastures, I put this song on replay. It helped me focus on myself as a person not as a subordinate to someone else. It was inspiring.

^^^ And while PB was in this middle of his fling with Chica, I was jamming to this song. Ready to spread my wings and fly again.

^^^ Of course separation from PB wasn't all fun and games. There were many days that this was my theme song. Or Alanis Morrisette's Not As We. Go here to watch that video.

^^^ Of course Eric Church makes everything better.

^^^ After PB and I reconciled, he dedicated this song to me. It still gives me chills when I listen to it.

^^^ While we were working out our differences, PB told me that this song would always be his dedication to me. Now it is my dedication to him as well.

^^^ For the short of extent of time we were physically together after our reconciliation this was the song that I said best fit us. "Fire and Gasoline. You're no good for me and baby I'm no good for you".

^^^ This song will probably always make me cry. It was the song that was playing on the radio the day PB drove me to work for the last time. I kissed him goodbye that morning not knowing that I wouldn't see him again. At least not this year. This song breaks my heart.

^^^ I fell for Amber Lawrence early on this year, but I thought then that this song didn't fit me. I thought I was independent and liked being on my own. I quickly realized that this wasn't the truth. I know now that this song is definitely one of the theme songs for the year.

^^^ Adele has gotten me through so much.  I love her voice and her music. She would be my choice for Person of the Year (if I got to choose).

^^^ On my own, I broadened my musical horizons and fell fast for Eden's Edge.

^^^ And this song cracks me up. I love it. Thanks, Justin!

^^^ And just last week I sent PB the lyrics to this song. It fits us. You may not like it. But it does.

^^^ And as crazy as this one sounds. This one is so my song for PB. Sweetheart, this is my last dedication of 2011. This is my song to you. I love you!

^^^ Ah. This is the song that makes me smile. I hope 2012 brings many smiles to you and yours. And I hope that music plays a big part in your next year.

PS - What songs were you jamming to in 2011?

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  1. Love this post! Blake Shelton's eyes and Clay Walker's voice make me melt.