Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ah the busy bees!

Time keeps slipping up on me. I don't know where the past 5 days have gone!
So, it's time for a quick recap before I launch into the chaos of today.

- Car Shopping Extravaganza!
- Cleaning day at my mom's house.


- Christmas Party for our Department 
- Returned the temporary car
- Bought my new car and headed to the shop!

- Rough day ....
- Picked up my new baby from the shop.
- Learned that she has a few things that need to be fixed ...
- Went home to wallow
- Let Kid talk me into cleaning, packing, and baking.

Today [Wednesday]
- Woke up WAY too early this morning.
- Spent about an hour with Kid this morning. 
(So, thankful that tomorrow we get to sleep in!)
- Off to work :)
- SRG Cookie "Swap" this morning.
- And in a few short minutes, I'm headed to lunch with my boss!

Somewhere in those bullets, I received our [PB & me, of course!] first Christmas ornament in the mail! Pics will be up .... eventually. Twelve got his new phone which made my life easier and more interesting to say the least. Expect posts about dead frog pictures soon ... *smh* Boys! Btw, if I ever have girls I'll be so lost. 

And the joy that is this week is just beginning, the posts for the rest of this week will be out of the ordinary. I am leaving bright and [somewhat] early in the morning destined for Tennessee. Before then, though, I have a pizza party with 30 teenagers. Oh, it's a good thing I love those crazy chilluns! If I make it back alive, there will be STORIES to tell! You better bet your bottom dollar there will be :)

In the meantime, however, enjoy the few pictures that I managed to jack from my phone.
Ah nothing like a little hodgepodge on a Wednesday!

^^^ Cookies from the Cookie Swap this morning :)

^^ An oldie but a goodie. Shark fishing at Jekyll!

^^^ Twelve trying out the camera on his new phone.

^^ Sweet, sleepy babygirl (the four legged one!)

^^^ (the two legged one!)

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