Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sans Transportation ....

Last night, in the dark, dreary rain. I plowed into the back of a car.
And now my poor, sweet little green machine is broken.
As in, the law said I can't drive it, broken ...
Today was spent on the phone with my insurance agent, the towing company, a body shop, etc.
And needless to say I'm sans car for awhile.
I'm waiting [im]patiently for the adjustor to call me so that I can get the ball rolling on a rental car.
In the meantime, I'm borrowing my dad's ANCIENT mazda.
And did I mention that those silly weather peeps are calling for SNOW?!?!
Let's pray that the snow bypasses good ol' GA b/c you better believe us crazy Southerners do NOT do well with that cold, white fluffy stuff. And one broken car is all I can handle.
Tomorrow, I hope to be back to posting all kinds of craziness but today I'm just going to take a day off ...
Maybe I'll write to PB.

Dear PB,

I *beepity beeped* up my car.
She hates me now.
And I'm sans transportation.
But on a happier note, it's not snowing.


Oh my thankful thought of the day: Today, I'm thankful for CAR INSURANCE!!!

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