Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One of those days ...

Oh boy howdy. Today has been one of those days.
I had the privilege of calling PB's parents today. And talked to his dad.
PB's parents are wonderful people, but we just don't see eye to eye.
So, our conversations are always a bit fake and stilted.

Do any of you have in laws that you just would rather NOT talk to or spend time with?
I love PB, and I am super grateful to his parents for raising the man I love.
But I just really don't want to hang out with them any more than I have to.

And on an unrelated note, I put on one of my flannel dress shirts this morning to find that it had shrunk at least two sizes! So I've been doing a lot of tugging today.

Needless to say I'm oh so ready to go home.
And still an hour and a half away from quitting time.

Oh well .... enough whining and complaining ...
Time to Get Thankful!!!

My parents. 
Talking to PB's 'rents always reminds me to be 
super grateful for my wonderful, loving parents!

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