Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh What A Day!

Things I Learned from My Boss' Daughter Today:

1. Communication is KEY!
2. First Impressions are EVERYTING!
3. If you make Daddy mad, he is less likely to like the bum who is trying to steal his precious daughter ...

Apparently, J (my boss' daughter) has a new boyfriend. And she apparently led her father to believe that she wanted him to meet Dad so badly that she was bringing him by the office today. Well, Dad called/texted J throughout the day. And by 4:00 PM was sincerely worried about J's safety and equally pissed at new boyfriend. J called about 10 minutes ago to try to clear up the confusion, but I'm afraid the damage is done. I almost feel sorry for her. Introducing your Prince Charming to your parents is never easy ...

My parents nearly had heart attacks when I told them I was dating PB ...

So, from now on I'll push for Communication & Good Impressions :)


  1. I met my husband online and for the longest time I didn't want to admit that to my parents. When my dad would ask where we met, I constantly said "the circus".

  2. Oh I love that! My mom totally believes every one on the internet is an ax murderer, but your response is priceless!