Monday, January 9, 2012

Sometimes, It just rocks!

I made a friend. My eyes are filled with happy tears.
A girl who was close to PB through her hubby hit me up on FB the other night.
At first I was a little leery to give out too much information, but it turns out that she's just an awesome chick.
I'm loving chit chatting with her. She's straight up blunt and not afraid to say what she thinks.
And she thinks my sweet boyfriend is one of the good guys.
And that makes me one happy, happy girl.
I do believe this is indeed the beginning of a beautiful friendship :)

And in other fantastical news, I set up my phone account last week.
And I was waiting patiently for the powers that be to approve it.
So imagine my surprise when I get a phone call Friday night from PB himself.
My heart beat so fast I thought I was having a heart attack for reals.
I laughed, cried, smiled for hours, danced around the house, and was simply insanely happy.
It was super awesome, and the best part is that now this will be a weekly thing.
This phone account was the greatest gift I've ever given myself!!!

So, while today is Monday. It is indeed a fantastical Monday.
The kind that make me smile and think of happy things like puppies and rainbows.
Oooh I'll included a few of those so (a) my blog won't be so blah and (b) your Monday will be prettier.

Have a great week!

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