Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letter Miracles

A miracle happened this week.
Tuesday, I got a letter.
Unfortunately, it wasn't the kind of letter that leaves me so giddy that I'm dancing around the house.
It left me irritated and disappointed after reading it.
Business was taken care of, but no reassurance was given.
No over the top declarations of love were made.
That was not a miracle.
I spent Wednesday in a funk ...
until I got home and opened the mail box 
to find ANOTHER letter.
In the entirety of this long distance chapter of our lives I have NEVER gotten two letters in one week!
I danced around the house just because it was amazing to get a new letter.
Then, I got worried as I opened it.
What if it was just like the last one? What if I was disappointed again?
Would I be able to handle that? Would I want to continue if all our communication left me upset?
I slowly opened the envelope and pulled out 3 sheets of lined notebook paper.
And after reading through the first page, I was smiling.
When I finished the letter, I did a little happy dance.
And then tucked it away to read again.
Or maybe it will find it's way into a post soon ....
whose to say.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you will get many more letters that leave you doing a happy dance and put a smile on your face.