Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet Me On Monday


1.  I can't stand when someone ________?

messes with my schedule.
It makes me look like this ...

2.  Do you do daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping?
I attempt to do bi-weekly grocery shopping, but it seems to be more of an every week ordeal.
3.  What kind of car do you drive?
Mazda Protege
4.  Crunchy or soft tacos?
Unless my teeth are hurting me ....

5.  What's the habit you are proudest of breaking?
If I ever actually break my habit of biting my nails, I will be most proud of that.
As of this moment, I don't have any major habits that I have broken :(


1 comment:

  1. Make a conscience effort of noticing when you put your fingers in your mouth and then force yourself to pull them away each time. Over time, you'll become less and less likely to do this. Good luck! BTW, it was nice to meet you!

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