Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I can see clearly now ... The rain is gone!

Today is the first day that the rain hasn't been falling outside my window. And with the departure of the rain my mood has lifted. I've always known that rainy weather seriously affects my mood. It puts me in a depression that I can't seem to shake. The good news is: we need the rain, and we got it. And the better news is: Now it's gone! So, today is good. A day filled with ups and downs. The rollercoaster of the week in my office is our printer. It's a monstrous machine to begin with and last week half of it's capabilities went kaput on us. After jumping through a thousand hoops I'm still no closer to finding out what is wrong than I was the day it broke. 

Good news: Printer is not broke. 
Bad News: It does not work. 
Good News: It's not your computer. 
Bad News: It does not work.
Good News: It's not your network port.
Bad News: It does not work.
Good News: We have contacted some people who may can fix it ....
Bad News: They should get back to us [maybe] this week.

On a less rollercoastery note, I'm in charge of recreation with my teens tonight and due to the saturation of all our outdoor play areas it looks like we'll be playing a few group "board" games. I'm not sure they're gonna be loving it, but I sure will be. I LOVE board games and "game nights". 

And the best news of the day .... in ten minutes I'm headed downtown for a little afternoon Starbucks run! Score! Hope the rest of you lovelies are enjoying a rain free Wednesday :)

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