Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Did you miss me?

Day 70

Have you all been scratching your heads wondering where in the heck I've been? Well, I plan to have a post filled with pictures up by the end of the week. I spent an extended weekend with my family in the mountains. It was a beautiful setting and a great time was had by all (except for the part at the end where we were beginning to be sick of each other and very nearly hated each others' guts .... yeah other than that it was great!). And now I'm back. It's good to be home. Good to feel very much like me again. Some days I just don't feel like me. And some days I just don't know what I feel like. But today I feel good [yes, you are welcome to sing a little James Brown right here]. So, I'm going to make a few quick lists and then share some awesome Pinterest finds. Go link up with The Vintage Apple to join in the fun!

PB - Related
  • I am two letters behind. PB, wonderful man that he is, has written me TWICE since I've managed to get a letter in the mail. I'm sorry, sweetie! I promise my next letter will be super awesome!
  • It's hard to believe it's been 70 days since I've seen the love of my life. I miss him more today than I did yesterday. And if the pattern continues my guess is I will miss him more tomorrow.
  • Quick funny PB story: I told him I wanted to marry him (one day in the future .... the far off distance future ... don't everyone start flipping out ...) and the crazy kid fell off the top bunk and nearly killed himself (the hick in me so wanted to type "hisself" but the grammarian wouldn't allow it). I'm sure that's not nearly as hilarious to y'all as it was to me. But I laughed myself silly. Then he told me that he now has to read my letters sitting on the floor so as to prevent further injury. I'm still cracking up. Mrs M (the sweet [and by "sweet" I mean "kickass"] lady who is responsible for my darling boyfriend [aka his mom in case you were confused]) is concerned because I laugh at PB's peril, but I can't help that I'm a morbid and somewhat awful girlfriend.
  • I ate a steak while on vacay and couldn't help but think about our "candlelit dinner" in the Tin Can. Oh boy howdy y'all. That was a date where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But it was the greatest date ever. It was so real, and we just laughed right through it all. From the power going completely out to utensils magically disappearing. PB cooked steaks on the grill and we sat on the bed and ate them in the candle light with a crazy pocket knife and our fingers. I know, I know it sounds awful. But it was hilariously wonderful. And if you don't know us then this is just a glimpse of how "off beat" we really are.
Non PB - Related
  • I love tooling around little old towns. I could spend all day learning about histories or roaming through antique stores wishing I could afford vintage furniture.
  • I totally just spilled Mountain Dew all over myself and of course we're out of paper towels. [Note to self: Hit up some awesome sale and restock paper towels in the office]
  • I had a root canal last week so this week (or next) it's on to the permanent filling and crown. And hopefully this tooth nightmare will be over!
  • I'm going to be totally jamming out to Sunny Sweeney all day today just because I can.
  • I have birthday candles in my desk drawer ..... just in case.
  • And now I'm off to hunt down my awesome Pinterest finds to share with y'all.



Source: None via Brianna on Pinterest

^^^^ If only my boss would let me do this to my office door :)

^^^^ I need a princess party today!

^^^^ Or I would probably be willing to settle for these.

^^^^ Oh ..... so true.

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^^^^ Love.

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  1. I love your Pinterest pics!! I think we have pretty similar personalities. I can relate to the old towns comment as well, I love wandering and learning trivial little things!