Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Miscellany

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I feel pretty random today .... So I thought I'd link up with Carissa for the first time.

  • I'm loving old-fashioned love letters. I feel like this might be a full out post real soon.
  • Weekend Recap:
  • Friday Night: I broke down! Seriously, I lost it. I cried like a baby. I called up an old friend who patiently listened while I vented like crazy horses. I literally cried myself to sleep.
  • Saturday Morning: I work up determined to forget it all. To start over.  To just be me again. And then PB's dad called to find out how PB was doing, and I promptly realized there is no "me" without him. I'm a wreck. Not to say I'm not my own person just that I'm a sad person without him. And I want to be a happy person.
  • Saturday 1:00 PM - I got to see PB!!! Highlight of my week :)
  • Saturday [post PB] - I did a lot of smiling and dancing and then I went house hunting.
  • House Hunting Update: I found a place I absolutely LOVE! However, if I sign that lease ... I will be flat out broke. Oh the choices ...
  • Sunday Morning: Homecoming (a big deal in a Southern Baptist church). Lots of good singing, food, and fellowship. Ran into lots of old friends. Answered the question "You're not married yet?" a thousand times. 
  • Sunday Afternoon/Evening: Started on my letter to PB and then back to church for the first of our Revival meetings. Came home whipped up some supper and then had a family round table to discuss the house I love .... 
  • Weekend Summary: Super awesome! Way too short. Way too fast.
  • And now that Snickers bar in the vending machine is calling my name ....
  {pause as I hike my butt down the stairs for a rendezvous with Mr. Vending Machine}
  • Yum! It's a very good Snickers bar ;] I'm a sucker for chocolate.
  • Well I hope everyone's Monday turns out to be downright marvelous. I'm going to forage for some lunch. Since apparently a girl can't live on chocolate alone .... I don't know why.

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