Thursday, August 25, 2011

I can say "Thank You". Can you?

Two weeks & a day. I realize I should be counting the other way. I should be counting the days left until he comes home, but it's still too new to me. My pessimistic nature hasn't gotten over the shock of being on my own just yet. Life has been moving fast these past two weeks. I think I always feel this way when PB is away from me. Life seems to fly around me at warp speed. And since I have a bad habit of moping, this fast paced life is good for me. Keeps me from getting all down in the mouth. Another thing that is good for me is gratitude.
So, I'm going to make a list of things that I'm a thankful for today.

Today, I'm thankful for communication. Be it digital, written, verbal, etc. I'm thankful that the good Lord gave us the ability to transfer ideas, thoughts, emotions, and just general information.

I'm thankful for photography. There are moments in life when the photographs of your memories are the sweetest things. My brain fails me at times so having photos that captured those moments helps to remind me and essentially brighten my day.

I'm thankful for good food and good friends. I've been blessed to be able to eat dinner with my parents three nights this week. I've had a lunch date with a friend/former co-worker, and tomorrow I will have lunch on the grounds with my current co-workers. Overall, it's been a week of good meals with good conversations.

I'm thankful for new starts. There is a very good possibility that I will be moving into a new place at the beginning of the month. I'm beyond excited and a little bit apprehensive. Overall, I'm very grateful for this opportunity to become a more independent version of myself.

And I'm thankful for PB. Whether he is right beside me or light years away, he is the other half of my team [the better half] and the love of my life. I'm so thankful that the Lord blessed me with him. 


  1. Ugh I feel your pain on the long distance! My husband and I dated for 5 years before we got married, and 3 of them were spent apart. And when I went and joined the Army, it was 6 months of nothing but letters. And there's always the possibility of deployment and being apart again :( At least you're taking the time out to remember all you have to be thankful for! Thanks for linking up!

  2. great list this week... can't beat good food with good friends! thanks for linking up with us this week!