Friday, August 26, 2011

Countdowns, Commitment, & Carrying On

I can't bring myself to countdown just yet. I have a few more questions for PB before we start the official countdown. I'm preparing myself for the fact that it will be an awful number. Think larger than 500.

Today, for the first time since I've known PB, I let myself think about a real wedding. Today was our welcome back lunch (I'm not sure why we're welcoming back people who never left, but that is another story for another time.) at work. And as we set around the table, the talk turned to weddings and flowers. And I thought [a] I don't want tons of flowers. Think bouquets/boutonnieres only. And [b] HM [PB's mom] is a florist! Ding dang if I ain't a lucky girl!

I quit dreaming of weddings before I met PB. When I called off my engagement with T [my ex], I had already decided that I wasn't cut out for marriage and lifelong commitment. I've always told PB that I wasn't the marrying kind but maybe, just maybe, I am.

Now let's kick off this weekend right! Go visit Hilary and join in the fun!

1. I don’t remember what kind of cologne PB wears. It's a silly little thing that hit me today. I also suck at remembering what I ate for breakfast, what I wore yesterday, any anniversary, and all the conversations I had in elementary school.
2. I love a cool summer evening lying on the bed in the tin can just killing time.
3. When I lose socks in the dryer, I think another one bites the dust :) And also "Great .... I'll have to buy more socks soon"
4. My favorite snack to eat while watching t.v. is moose tracks ice cream straight from the container!

Now, peeps, my supervisor just gave me a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, so I'm about to scram! Hope you all have a super fantastic weekend :)


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