Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 8: Love Myself

So, after being a slacker for DAYS on end, I decided to hop back on the horse and post a picture today. So I flitted over to Unexplained X2 to see what today's topic was ... only to realize that today is "Jeans I Love". To which I basically said, "Well, Crap!" I have a pair of jeans I love. They came from Target. I don't know where they are ... Nor do I want to be bothered to take a picture of them. So maybe my slacker tendencies will wane tomorrow. Until then, I'm linking up for Day 8 of the ....

Valentine’s Day Challenge 
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Before I tell you the things I love about myself, I feel as though you should be warned that I tend to be on the cocky side, and I admit to having narcissistic tendencies.

I love my blue eyes. It took me years to fall in love with them, but once I did there was no going back. I spent a lot of time around people like the nerd and Mr. PB, so in comparison to their Caribbean Sea blue eyes mine seemed unexciting. But before PB & I found each other again, I dated a string of guys who all complimented my pretty blue eyes. So one day I looked in the mirror and really SAW my eyes. And I was smitten.

My hair has always been my crowning glory. It's the one thing that will ALWAYS merit a compliment from a stranger. While my curls aren't this long anymore, they are still little miracles to most people. And those constant compliments make me love my hair and myself even on days when my hair and I are not on speaking terms. [which may or may not be VERY often ...]

The fact that I have more male tendencies than female. That's most commonly known as being a tomboy. And I love the fact that my attitude is about as far removed from being a girl as one can get. But I still love shoes and all things girly. I love where I fall on the gender scale. 

I love my quirky sense of humor. It's lost on most people, but it makes me happy. And I figure if I can make myself smile then who cares what those other slackers think.

I love my pale white skin. Actually, this one is still hard for me. My pale white skin and dark hair are an awful combination. And dating a man like PB makes me struggle with my paleness even more. PB is a suntanned demigod. And his whole family is OBSESSED with tanning. Tan, blond, blue-eyed beauties. I realize the world values dark skin and that I stick out like a sore thumb in contrast, but I'm learning to love myself anyways. My health is more important than dark skin, so I'll just be proud of my pale skin.

I love the fact that I look like a teenager. Seriously, this one has taken me YEARS to overcome, but I can honestly say now that I do love this. I love that my little round face and curly curls make me look years younger than I actually am! And yes I know that this is something I will love more later in life :)

I love my ankles, wrists, and hands. I realize that sounds strange, but they are honestly some of my favorite body parts. I have abnormally skinny fingers and (in my mind at least) perfectly shaped ankles. And a cute little freckle on my left wrist that helped me learn my right from my left. I love the scars on my hands from countless numbers of things. I love the way my right ankle pops every time I roll it for a reason unbeknownst to me. 

I love my boobs. I'm not gonna lie. They rock! And I'm super proud of them. I try not to think about how one day gravity and time will take away their perkiness ... But the thought of the changes they will go through in my lifetime makes me love them all the more in the here and now.

While admittedly, I love my physical attributes. I love my inner self more. I love that God provided me with Christian parents who instilled morals and values in me. I love my bossiness. I love my silly fears. I love my need to plan out every thing. I love my freak outs. I love my rollercoaster emotions. I love my inner strength. The guts that get me through the tough times. I love my ability to love others. I love my crazy dance moves. I love that I'm not married. I love that I don't want children. I love my silly antics. I love being a girl. I love my life, and I love who I am.


What do you love about yourself?!?!

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  1. haha! Love that you love your boobs! Me TOO!

    Thanks so much for linking up!