Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 5: Love My Girlfriends

Welcome back to Day 5 of the

Valentine’s Day Challenge 
Today is all about Le Girlfriends.
You know those crazy girls who put up with you no matter what?
I'll be honest. My personality limits the number of girlfriends I have. My closest friends are male. 
So I struggle to maintain female friendships. Regardless, I have a handful of amazing ladies who I'm proud to call my friends.

^^^ CP and I met via the internet. We've never met in person, but she rocks my world. She is one of the best friends a girl could possibly have. The two of us have been through all kinds of ups and downs: marriage, new boyfriends, cheaters, ex's, divorce, preteens, Love, deadbeats, assholes, and happiness! She puts up with my crappy friendship skills and still loves me unconditionally!

^^^ June is my sister and also my very best friend. We're two years apart, and there was a time when we were not close at all. But for the past 7-8 years we've been inseparable. She loves me even when I do the stupidest things. And she's always willing to listen to me drone on and on about feelings and such even though she hates all things mush related. She shares my sense of humor which makes life with her always fun.

^^^ Wifey (pictured in the cap and gown) has been one of my very best girlfriends since high school. We now live two states apart, but we still try to keep up with each other as much as possible. And when we do get together it's like we never left. We laugh and joke and swap stories like nobody's business!

^^^ I was lucky enough to work with K. She and PB have a long history (No, that's not PB above. That's K's son.) And her son and I grew up together. She's always around to lend an ear. She's like a second mother to me. Curious about all things and always eager to offer advice. The once a week lunch we spend together is always a delight!

And I searched and searched my computer for a picture of Boss Lady, but she's sneaky. Apparently, she managed to avoid EVERY picture I've ever taken. Boss Lady was at one point my boss, but she is no longer. However, in the three years we worked together, we became inseparable. Boss Lady is the best friend I have. She listens, judges, and tells me like it is. She keeps me laughing with her daily antics. Her daily life is a soap opera, but she handles it all with a smile. And when push comes to shove I know she's always there for me!

What about you? Is it easy for you to amass girlfriends? 
Who's your best friend? And why? (oooh I love "any why?" questions!!!)

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